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Elevate your career at WebCatalog with competitive compensation, flexible hours, remote work options, and a dynamic startup culture.

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Our mission

Our mission is to make the digital world more accessible through innovative cross-platform software solutions.

WebCatalog is a platform designed to simplify and enhance the experience of discovering and accessing web-based desktop apps.

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Perks and benefits

Competitive compensation
Enjoy a compensation package that exceeds local industry standards and truly matches your contributions to the company.
Flexible work hours
Enjoy the freedom to tailor your work schedule to suit your productivity peaks and personal commitments.
Flexible time off
Enjoy flexible paid time off so you can unwind and recharge.
Remote working environment
Work from home or anywhere you feel comfortable with.
Team building retreats
Travel, relax and forge strong bonds with your colleagues through periodic team-building retreats.
Startup culture
Thrive in a startup culture that encourages innovation, creativity, and the opportunity to take on new challenges.

Join our team!